:: Hi, I’m Traci :: Gemini :: 21 YO :: Vintage Trader Online :: Dancer, Mover & Groover Offline :: I’m into art, music of all kinds, random facts, poems, exploring, yoga, dance dance and more dance, doodling, learning, vintage fashion, fractals, flowers, math jokes, biology, opening awareness and spreading words of love. It’s lovely to meet you!

I run a couple of vintage shops alongside my wonderful boyfriend and business partner, Miles. We began selling with the intention of breaking free from our monotonous jobs; we wanted to embrace the creative freedom of being self employed. So on the web we went, and with many twists and turns we ended up developing three shops with a focus on vintage clothing. Along the way we realized a strong sense of awareness that our business was somehow not only good for us, but for the greater good in many ways. We were helping to encourage the growth of the online small business culture, we were sharing artful pieces of history globally, and most importantly we were lessening our impact on the environment. By selling vintage clothing, we were helping to use and reuse the huge amount of surplus clothing the United States produces annually, as well as reduce the demand of unnecessary manufacturing and use of precious resources abroad… We hope to share these ideas actively through our newest shop on Etsy, Open Eye , as well as through this blog.

My full intention for this blog is multidimensional. Throughout its course I hope to:

:: share some of the happenings within the shop

:: discuss vintage clothing in a variety of aspects- style, trends, art, history- whatever interests me, really…

:: promote the use of vintage clothing for sustainable and eco-friendly purposes

… I’d also like to discuss some of my personal interests from time to time, not limited to but including:

:: dance and performance, perhaps even vintage clothing or costuming from the dance world…

:: cool art i find on the web or other places << if you are an artist interested in promoting your work, i’d love to share it with the world!

:: food and sustainable eating

::  and anything else that floats through my whimsical and sometimes off-beat mind…

until n e x t time :: peace :: Traci

:: please c h e c k o u t my s h o p s below :: (( loads of lightly used and surplus clothing )) (( beautiful vintage scarves and accessories of the girly sort – currently being refined ))

…. and introducing: (( vintage clothing galore – please keep checking back for new inventory, there is a lot coming! ))



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