weekend choices.

Ahhh, I love estate sales! There is nothing quite like stepping into the established world of another being. There are common threads among every home- utilitarian items like silverware, chairs, lamps and clocks. But what sets each home apart, and makes the estate sale experience endlessly fascinating, are the miscellanies that offer personality and beg you to imagine stories unknown- a floral pillow, an old photo, a record collection, the art on the walls…

But my favorite corner of the home has always been the closet- the items within are unique, after all. They were curated specifically as tools for showcasing identity and self expression. They were chosen by their past owner with one of the most intimate notions in mind- self. Now here, I truly can’t help wonder why a woman chose a certain blouse or hat- what about it made her feel great?? What lead her to that choice? /// Perhaps you’ll wonder the same about a few of my choices from this weekend’s treasure hunting ::  & I do hope you enjoy ❤


NEW ARRIVALS // all to be listed soon ❤

:::: leather boho vest . circa 1970s :::: && there’s a matching circle skirt, to boot! items will be listed together here next week 🙂

1970s leather vest ... and she's got a skirt to match! <3

1970s leather vest … and she’s got a skirt to match! ❤


:::: pink bird scene tapestry :::: i want to wear this as a gigantic layered cowl && i have this in TWO colors! check em out here soon!

exotic bird tapestry

exotic bird tapestry


:::: pink bonnet hat w birdcage veil & velvet bow . circa 1950’s :::: so lovely!!! soon to be listed here.

1950's birdcage veil hat w velvet bow. in a lovely pink!

1950’s birdcage veil hat w velvet bow. in a lovely pink!







&&&&& here’s a coupon code for 25% off… because i really do love you all ::

coupon code!

coupon code!


:::: the white leather bag above is also coming soon! the chain link strap easily tucks in, too… gotta love a versatile bag!


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